Passion for language.
The mission of our school is to open channels of communication.  Our expertise in languages is merely a tool to achieve our mission.  No matter the goal, no matter the challenge, our goal is to help you talk your way through.

Free assessment; Unique class plan.
Each person is unique. One-size-fits-all learning programs will not provide you with the tools you need to enjoy your second language. We believe in a class plan unique to every one of our clients, and our clients succeed.


Learning another language shouldn't be like going through a maze. We live in a City where every day French is becoming crucial professional and personal life.
We teach and focus on everybody’s specific needs either because you have to or want to do it.
From individuals to groups, in the private or public sector, we are fully equipped to fulfill your expectations and help you reach your goal. 

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We help you out. 
​What defines Le Fil d'Ariane, Language training is the adaptability of its program.  
We believe that the quality of your experience in learning will define the level of your success. 
Each class plan is uniquely tailored to match our client's learning styles because learning French can be a maze in which you could be trapped, this is why we are here, to show you the way out.